What to expect from Rekindle Your Craft

The first thing to know is that we try to run a laid-back environment.


We start at 6:30 pm. If you are running late when you come in, I’ll tell you the prompt and you can either sit it out or begin to write from it. There is no right way to respond to these prompts, it’s whatever you do with them that is important.

Be warned: The front door locks after we start, but I am always checking to see who might be trying to get in.


We all work from a single prompt. I set the timer for either 15 or 20 minutes and you write until the buzzer goes off. I give us a couple of beats to finish our up before we begin to share. Sharing is voluntary. Here are the questions we usually ask:

We try to go through 3 prompts, take a break to snack and stretch our legs.

Sometimes a prompt doesn’t work. I encourage you to keep writing anything – even if it is a rant on how the prompt is not working for you.

Feel free to bring anything to eat for yourself whenever you’d like. We will have snacks laid out and have either regular coffee going, water (sparkling from the tap) teas, and instant decaf. There is non-dairy milk in the fridge but also creamer. All of the beverages are courtesy of the Village Works (Thanks, Village Works)!


Everything is help-yourself-style. All we ask is that when you’re done please place all of your dirty dishes into the dishwasher that says “dirty.”

Wifi: If you need WiFi, let me know and I’ll give you a code.

2 bathrooms in the basement and 2 bathrooms on the second floor.